Need help with shoulder pain?

Pain in the shoulder may be just the shoulder but often it is pain from the lower cervical spine since the nerves to the shoulder exit the spine in the lower neck. I encourage topical 1:1 applied every 15-20 minutes or until the pain is under control but be sure to apply the topical to your lower neck, all around the scapulae and even deep in the armpit for full coverage. You may need a high CBD internally like AC/DC vape or tincture if the topical does not bring 100% relief. Keep applying the topical every hour during your waking hours to keep the pain in remission and in about 1 week your body may greatly reduce the pain signals you are receiving. The trick is to never let the pain break through and the body stops sending the pain signals over time.
If you have problems finding a great topical cannabis preparation, please, contact your local delivery service.


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