New beginner

"I have started three days ago with high CBD oil 25:1, 350 mg in the morning and one edible (TERRA Blueberries) 5mg THC. I feel a little depress and i forget names and words. I have low tolerance with THC and i break in two the 5 mg ? I am very sensitive to everything. What’s the problem ? "

There is no problem. Your body is reacting the way your particular metabolism operates. I would take a small dose of the CBD with your edible in the evening (I"m not sure if you are eathing the 5mg at the same time you are taking the CBD. That way, you can sleep while the THC is working and the CBD will limit whatever psychoactivity you may experience with the THC. You will also develop a tolerance allowing you to take the 5mg without feeling that way.
The key point here is to split your dosing so that the cannabinoids are available to your body around the clock. Hope this helps.


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