New Patient with Trichtillomania looking for guidance

"I have an anxiety disorder one of my symptoms is Trich (compulsive hair pulling). Has anyone had any success with treating or lessening trich symptoms for cannabis use, and if so, what strains and dosages should I try? Additionally, is there something I might be able to use to stimulate new hair growth?
Other targeted uses would be for insomnia, anxiety, migraines, and general pain relief – but living with trich is a symptom impossible to hide so I’d love to hear about anything that might help :)"

Cannabis is a phenomenal medication for anxiety but you don’t want to go high with the THC since that could increase your anxiety.
Consider CBD. You will need to find the strength and the dosing form that works well for you. What works for other people may not work well for you.
Consider dosing yourself with low-dose CBD tincture or vaporizing pen but remember, CBD’s must be vaporized at a lower temperature so you must have an adjustable pen. Vaporizing tends to get the medication into your blood within 1 to 2 minutes and it is in effect typically within 10 minutes to quiet your anxiety. I like the 10:1, CBD:THC ratioBecause it will not make you high but it should get you out of anxiety quickly And once you know what works well for you you can switch to strips, tablets, capsules or your favorite method of administration.
Since anxiety is a full-time problem you must treat it full-time or you cannot expect resolution So please be sure to administer your medication approximately 3 times per day.
We currently have a society full of anxiety because most people are trying to be what somebody else tells them they should be instead of being authentic to oneself and that creates tremendous anxiety.
Learn to know yourself and to love yourself and to stay in present moment. You can only continue trichotillomania if you are truly not being present, your mind is somewhere else when you are doing the act so you will have to work harder at staying conscious in order to stop your actions (Hair pulling) because you must be aware of the action first in order to change.
I believe CBD cannabis helps us in learning how to love ourself but if you need additional help please, consider the following book, "The Power of Now", by Eckhart Tolle.


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