New to MJ; looking 4 correct strain, I think it is :

"Indica - high CBD-low/moderate THC in tincture/capsule 4 SEVERE anxiety (rage) 1 yr. into withdrawal from 20 yrs. of SSRI‘s 4 SEVERE OCD w/depression & anxiety. After w/drawal, also seeking something for original OCD’s compulsions, rituals; if hopefully possible. MUST get thru w/drawal ANXIETY, RAGE 1st. HELP greatly appreciated; THANK U."

Hi there! If not already doing so, taper under the guidance of your prescribing physician. Also, keep in mind that heavy cannabis use will worsen depression.

I would recommend more balanced CBD strains with ratios between 4CBD:1THC and 1CBD:1THC. For all of your stated issues, Harlequin would be a great daytime choice to try out. Harlequin is a popular sativa dominant strain with about a 5:2 ratio. Although it's a sativa dominant strain, Harlequin is a very soothing, yet uplifting strain. Canna-tsu (1:1) and Cannatonic (3:1) would also be good strains to try during the daytime.

Sweet and Sour Widow (1:1) and Pennywise (1:1) are Indica CBD strains that would be great choices to try during the evening.

I hope this helps!