Not feeling effects of high CBD oil. What to try next?

"I started using Care By Design’s 18:1 sublingual spray about 10 days ago, to ease my recurrent feelings of anxiety and stress. I’m taking the recommended dosage (1/2 sprays in the morning and afternoon), but I’ve also tried higher dosages in the last few days. So far I can’t detect any noticeable change.
Is it true that it might start kicking in after 2-3 weeks?
If I still don’t feel it after another 10 days, what could I experiment with next? Should I look for a slightly higher THC content (e.g. Alta California Anxiety Relief or Care By Design’s 8:1 spray), or something even higher (say 2:1)?
I’m a bit confused because most sources say I should stay with high CBD for anxiety, but others point to the importance of the entourage effect. Herba Buena’s Rock & Roll tincture is supposed to help with anxiety, but they only advertise the THC content.
Also not sure if I should stick with one product for a while, or I can try different ones on different days and compare short-term effects."

Honestly, especially with anxiety cannabis is best used for it’s entourage effect. Another important thing to remember with natural medicines and herbal medicine is that these are not purified compounds and therefore are likely to have more side effects. In cannabis however, many of these side effects have medicinal value. But it isn’t always the value your looking for. Because of this many have tried to go the CBD route. It works but really not all that well. It is much better to take a fuller blend at a much lower dose. I have developed a product that uses the synergy of two plants. Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic root that acts as an adaptogen. This makes it especially useful to cannabis as the activated cannabinoids help signal the brain where to focus the bodies healing abilities towards internal imbalances. The abhwagandha the either helps decrease or helps increase the activity activated by the cannabis but it inhibits other effect that would generally be stimulated by the cannabis. It is really a superb medicine. Unfortunately, cannabis medicine is pretty complex, however, the good thing is that is has so many uses that normally doesn’t even matter, since it will generally work. I’ve just been working on getting it to work even better.


Have you tried smoking or vaporizing cannabis to help with anxiety?

I have heard about success stories with vaping and smoking to reduce anxiety but with strains high in CBD and low in THC.

AC/DC is such a strain. Bloom Farms has an AC/DC cartridge that can be purchased at www.getsava.com

You can also purchase AC/DC flower and roll your own joints as well.


The other answers don’t seem to have ticked the box for what you need here. Bottom line you need to consume regular cannabis not CBD. CBD has NO effects on your mental state at all. Its just an anti inflammatory basically. A strain that is high in CBD however will work with the THC to give you a much more relaxed feeling overall.. That said.. if you’re not in a legal state or not in a job where you can safely then you need to start considering some deeper issues you need to tackle friendo. I wish you god speed in dealing with this issue as it’s one I also have. I literally have been trying this CBD oil taken orally for 2 days now with literally zero relief so I don’t stand behind it. Try actual cannabis. It will help. I promise.


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