Now that I know I want cannabis product that is higher in CBD than it is THC, where do I go to get it?

"Every dispensary that I have gone to (online or offline) has had little to no product that is higher in CBD than THC. The preference seems for them to carry high THC product. Why is that?"

CBD has been found to be helpful for patients with chronic pain, migraine headaches, and epilepsy. It is desirable for a lot of patients to have medicine with a high CBD/THC ratio so that they can treat their disease while having decreased psychoactive effects.

There are at least two reasons why you may be encountering difficulty finding such products. The first is that development of flowers and products high in CBD is a relatively new concept and there is a limited supply at this time. The second is that (because it has been found to be effective for so many patients) the demand is high. As this trend continues, I expect there to be more and more higher CBD products available over time.

You are noticing most products are high in THC because most plants naturally have a much higher ratio of THC to other cannabinoids (at least 20:1 in most cases), including CBD, and because growers have endeavored to produce high grade strains for decades.

Because the common ratio of THC to CBD is so high, even if you can only find a product that is CBD:THC 1:10, it would contain at least twice the amount of CBD. Similarly, a product containing CBD:THC 1:1 would contain at least 20 times the amount of CBD. So, you may be able to derive the therapeutic benefit you are seeking with products that have more CBD than usual but are not actually higher in CBD than THC.

Keep in mind that a variety of products are available that have higher concentrations of CBD, including flowers and concentrates for vaporizing, oral tinctures, and edibles. I would recommend calling the dispensary ahead of time to see what they have available on any particular day.


I love this question because this is what I am always looking for. Unfortunately, many/most dispensaries still cater almost exclusively to the recreational consumer and this means that the products are mostly high in THC and low or non existent CBD. Historically, people have not asked for CBD products and historically dispensaries have seen a more avid recreational market than a medicinal one. The dispensary believes they are meeting the market where they are, but we believe the overall dynamics are changing fairly quickly and that the product selection you see today in a dispensary will be very different in 2 to 5 years i.e., you will see more CBD products!

The question I have for you would be what kind of product are you looking for and how much THC can you tolerate? I can say from my own experience, that products higher in CBD tend to relax me and reduce my overall pain. However, I have also found that some THC is very helpful. I am going to list some products that I routinely enjoy that have higher CBD.

High CBD Products:
Auntie Dolores ‘Chocolate Brownie’ -50mg hemp based CBD
Absorb CBD vape pen 20:1 and 1:1 (CBD to THC)
Care by Design CBD sublingual spray 8:1
Alta California ‘Anxiety Relief Tincture’ High CBD/Low THC

High CBD flower:
Canna-Tsu – High Cbd pre rolls (from Sava)
ACDC – this is a high CBD strain found in many dispensaries

Hope this helps!


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