Pain relief for breast surgery, lumpectomy..Would like a cannabis option to Norco. What is suggested?

I certainly hope your surgery went well and that you are on the road to excellent health! Cannabis can certainly be used for pain relief, which is one of the main reasons people use it for. I think your choice on what you choose is largely dependent on what works best for your system. Questions I might ask you are:
-Have you used cannabis before and what is your tolerance for THC?
-Do you like to smoke or feel comfortable with that?
-Are you struggling with pain all day and night?

A lot of people with pain opt for cannabis edibles as they last longer, often 4-6 hours. It can take up to an hour to feel the effects however, so start low and slow. If you are unused to how you react do not take more than 5mg at first. Wait at least two hours. Here is an article we just published on edibles:

I really like Flora’s probiotic mint bites which you can find on getsava.com

The other good and easy option is vaping. Buy a vape pen and you can try a high THC version, a 1:1 CBD to THC or a higher CBD ratio of 3:1. CBD is a pain reliever but non psychoactive, so the higher the CBD the less ‘high’ you will feel.Since you are recovering and need rest, you would likely do well with an indica vs. a sativa as indica is more calming and will help you sleep.

I am not a doctor, this is only my opinion. I hope this helps!


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