Part 2 (I bought Charlotte's Web, not sure I got it right. )

"Thank you, doctor! Sorry, but I’m confused again, as it says 28 mg of hemp oil under the ‘supplement facts’ table. Before I take too much can you please tell me if this is the same as JJ after all? I’m wondering roughly how many drops this a day?
And, this legal in all states to buy? I read a website that says it’s not considered an illegal drug. That contradicts why everyone is angry at the govt for not letting people get this miracle med. If so, does that mean I can fly with it?
And, another website also said you wont flunk a drug test with any of the CBD products. That sounds wrong to me.
I’m sorry to keep asking Q’s but don’t know where else to go for answers.
Great news about your patients! How wonderful!

For one, I went to two dispensaries and no one seemed to know much about CBD oil. I told them I needed a super high oil 28:1 ratio and got blank stares and offered edibles instead. I was looking for a Jayden’s Juice equivalent. I ended up with Charlotte’s Web hemp extract in MCT 500 mg in 1 oz. dropper bottle. I was confident this was close to the JJ but now I’m not sure on the mg part. And it was only $60 which seemed low for CBD oil. Did I get the right kind? Thanks."

You are fine. Charlotte’s Web is a high quality oil where the CBD is extracted from hemp, yielding a dosage of 16.67mg CBD per ml. Hemp is cannabis sativa with less than 0.3% THC. It has cannabinoids and terpenes and has very low amounts of THC (I am guessing probably no more than 0.6 – 0.8mg/ml). Jayden’s Juice has almost twice as much CBD per ml – 28mg/ml of CBD and 1mg/ml THC. In order to dispense 28mg of CBD, you will have to take 1.68ml of Charlottes Web. I have several patients who use Charlotte’s Web to treat seizures and one patient with lymphoma whose tumors are shrinking.************* I calculated the amount of CBD based on the information you provided – 500mg in 1 oz. One oz = 30 mL. 500/30 = 16.67mg/mL. The 28mg may refer to the total amount of hemp extract, which contains other things. You may want to contact CW Botanicals to find out if the 28mg is referring to the total amount of extract or the total amount of cannabinoids.


I’m not sure about the flying with CBD products. Doing a little digging on the web, I found a statement from the TSA concerning medical cannabis (even if someone has a valid card from the state); there was no specific mention if CBD was exempted from the policy:

"Thank you for your e-mail concerning the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) policy for allowing passengers with State authorized cards to bring marijuana onboard commercial airlines.
Although TSA has no regulations addressing possession and transportation of marijuana, possessing marijuana in any detectable amount is a crime under Federal law. Further, it is a crime under the laws of many States to possess or transport marijuana.
In the course of screening passengers and their belongings for prohibited items (weapons, explosives and other objects that may pose a risk to aviation security), Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) sometimes discover marijuana or other items that are illegal under State and Federal laws. When this occurs, TSA’s standard operating procedures require TSOs to report evidence of potential crimes to law enforcement authorities. It is up to the responding law enforcement officer, not our TSOs, to evaluate the circumstances and decide whether to arrest a passenger or confiscate the illegal item.
TSOs must contact a law enforcement officer when marijuana is discovered because (1) possessing marijuana is a crime under Federal law, and (2) TSOs cannot make an independent determination as to whether a passenger’s documentation is sufficient to authorize possession of marijuana under State law. Law enforcement officers must be contacted even if a passenger is carrying a State-issued cannabis card or other documentation indicating that the marijuana is for medical purposes."

The whole thrust of the letter seems to indicate that , even w/ CBD products and even with a vaild medical recommendation, there is no protection.

As for the CBD in a standard urine test, I’ll cut and paste the link of an excerpt between the folks at the website The Cannabist and one director of science at Quest Diagnostics and also another noted scientist in cannabis circles, in a nutshell, CBD isn’t on most urine test (just THC & metabolites) but even minute amounts of THC found in many cannabis products might be found and there’s some controversy if CBD converts to THC in any non-negligible amount:

Drug testing and CBD: Can a cannabidiol user test positive for marijuana?

Hope you like these fascinating reads!


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