performance anxiety

"What is good for people in entertainment that suffer from performance anxiety"

Everyone reacts to cannabis differently, so there is no magic anxiety cure-all. However, through trial and error you should be able to find a strain, and/or product that works to decrease anxiety and also allows to perform at your peak ability. I would start with a CBD-dominant tincture or a hybrid strain. You should experiment with the ratios, starting with a very high CBD:THC ratio (30:1 to 10:1). Take a very small dose and titrate up as needed. CBD has excellent anti-anxiety properties, with only a slight dissociative effect. Many people find indica helps with anxiety, but is a bit too sedating, while sativa can cause an increase in anxiety. Your best bet is a low dose of a hybrid strain (and CBD) and some meditative conscious breathing. I highly recommend a regular meditation practice, and cannabis can be helpful in allowing one to relax enough to begin this practice.


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