Please explain the relationship between CBD oil and homeostasis?

The purpose of the endocannabinoid system in our bodies is to maintain homeostasis by regulating all of the other systems. The ECS is the master control system regulating almost everything. A lot of disease have ECS deficiencies, like fibromyalgia and migraine. CBD, the phytocannabinoid, works to restore and rebalance the ECS and much more. CBD has over 100 connections between cells, inside cells, inside mitochondria and even at the nucleus. Somehow CBD always does the "right thing" in the right way. As an example, CBD is more anti-inflammatory than vitamin C & E and has profound effects on any inflamed tissue but, in cancer cells, it CAUSES inflammation leading to cancer cell destruction. Same thing happens in unneeded inflammatory white blood cells, CBD signals them to self destruct which helps reduce the inflammation. But, there is no increased risk for infection.


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