Possible arthritis pain.

"I had shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff 2 years ago, however, it doesn’t appear to have healed correctly as I still have pain. I also have severe pain in my right shoulder. The pain seems to refer to my bicep and upper arm. I believe they said it could be from arthritis and or nerve impingement. When I use my arms (shoulders) in activities my upper arms and neck muscles ache and hurt a lot. I ice frequently….I have a medical marijuana card, but have had no real luck with dealing with my pain. What ration of BCD and THC would be best to beat this pain? Can you recommend a tincture that would work best?"

Hello! I recommend to try a 1:1 CBD:THC sublingual tincture and topical salve. The CBD helps to control inflammation (the "-itis" part of arthritis) while THC can help to decrease the perception of pain. I’d start with a low dose, such as 1-2 drops under the tongue in the evening and increase slowly if needed. The topical salve can be used additionally or alone on the skin surface where you have pain. I’d recommend to follow up with your primary care doctor and/or surgeon, consider long term physical therapy, and other alternative measures as part of a holistic approach to pain control. Best of luck!


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