Pot has been giving me headaches. I think it causes dehydration and low blood sugar. Is this true?

"How can I stop them? Also is vaping concentrates better? "

Many things cause headaches but usually cannabis will treat those headaches. Please be certain you are using cannabis that is chemical free and preferably even organic. You might want to change the way you are administering the cannabis and vaporizing might be a very good alternative. If you have been smoking your cannabis it can cause you to become dehydrated but even worse if you’re smoking in a dirty bong you can grow mold inside your body!
Cannabis, especially the CBD cannabis does tend to lower the blood sugar for people who have problems with their blood sugar but it usually does not make your blood sugar go lower than normal.
Consider changing to vaporizing or oral tinctures and add more CBD’s and your headache should resolve.


Cannabis and it’s effect of causing a dehydrated or "cotton mouth" sensation are well documented; it’s thought to be caused by cannabinoid action on salivary glands like the submandibular gland and decreased production of saliva. Source:
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16946411 As for low blood sugar, there was varying evidence but overall it seemed that low blood sugar was not caused by cannabis; however, there are studies that appetite is stimulated (resembling a low blood sugar episode) by cannabinoid’s action on appetite hormones ghrelin and leptin (souce: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22133305).

As for stopping side effects? I would recommend cutting back on your med cann use, both the number of days and times/ day you are using cannabis. In general I tell patients to go "low and slow"; low referring to the mg’s of the product and slow in terms of how fast the pt redoses the med cann. Vaping concentrates in a vapor might work but once again, I advise you to go "low and slow." If you have headaches you might want to avoid smoking/ using direct flame as the carbon monoxide generated is a known headache inducer. I hope all these tips prove useful!


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