Proper time to take treatment, before or after meals or no difference?

"Does drinking lemonade have any effect on CBD? I think one documentary I saw said did. It is fresh from the tree."

The route of administration would be of my most concern regarding the proper time to take your medicinal marijuana. Medicinal marijuana may be consumed orally in capsules/tablets, sublingually in tinctures/oils or inhaled in vapors. Sublingual tinctures/oils and vapor are absorbed by the body without involvement of the digestive system. Most oral drugs proceed through the digestive track are absorbed slowly and absorption is unpredictable due to degradation by stomach acids and enzymes. I would recommend taking the capsules/tablets in the am with a light breakfast. As for the lemonade, I don’t think this will adversely affect your cannabis use. Some marijuana strains contain
limonene, a cannabis terpene. Strains high in limonene promote a general uplift in mood and attitude.


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