Question about CBD dosage?

"I am wondering what is the regular percentage of CBD’s per ml is. I make tinctures which are 7.4 mg/ml CBD. What would a normal dose of this be? (approximately)"

All cannabis and the dosages for cannabis use varies per individual, there is no one-size-fits-all. You ask what is the standard dosage for CBD’s in a tincture and as far as I know there is no standard dosage. This CBD I take contains 28 mg per 1cc with only 1 mg of THC per cc. I personally take that concentration because I sleep well with that dosage and I have had a history of cancer. I do think that the higher CBD dosage allows one to adjust how much CBD they’re getting by doing a larger or smaller amount of tincture and this seems much easier than a low-dose CBD that you have to take large volumes to reach an effective amount of CBD.
CBD is what makes you well but the THC is like icing on a cake, We all love our cake with icing because it more it it makes it more interesting and fun but the CBD’s seem to be what gets you well so keep doing your CBD’s. Keep in mind that a ratio of CBD: THC equivalent to 8: 1 is like ibuprofen.


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