question about vaping and asthma

"I have a Firefly that I purchased last year. I only use it with cannibis; never concentrates. On occasion, if I’ve used it a lot, I experience some wheezing. (I have asthma which is aggravated by dairy and a few airborne pollens.) However, when I’m actually under the influence, my asthma is much, much better. Is using my Firefly possibly causing a longer term issue for my lungs, or is this just a short term irritation, or what?"

Firefly vaporizers require a much longer draw than a quick bowl hit, so the vapor goes much deeper into your lungs. This can quite possibly irritate your asthma more, but not nearly as damaging as smoke would be. From my experience, smoke is very irritating to the throat and lungs, where vapor creates slight discomfort in the lungs, but for a shorter time.


ABV, already been vaped, is excellent for cooking. Still has some cannabanoids that can be extracted. I mix with coconut oil, simmer on stove for one hour, strain through cheesecloth, use like any cooking oil. 20 g ABV in 125 ml (1/2 cup) oil used in any brownie mix. Delicious. Quite potent. Body high. Great for dessert, in the evening.


Use of the FF2 with Asthma is a major Plus for you. And having imbibed a Bud or Two. Cannabis done by Vaping is totally the Best there is to be had.


I found the firefly 1 made me wheeze. I would also cough up green phlegm., (ooo not nice). I was convinced that the problem was due to me breathing in tiny particulates of plant material. In the end i sold the firefly 1 for this reason.

My prayers have been answered with the firefly 2! They have a particulate filter in the mouth piece – which is also removable. Although i have not tried the FF2 i already have an order in. Firefly have really listened to their customers on the feedback they gave on the original model. Later i am sure third parties (and maybe firefly themselves) will bring out aftermarket mouthpieces which will further cool the vapor. Also i am sure it wont be long before someone brings out a water pipe adapter.

Until that point there is another trick. Use your mouth like a carb. As well as sucking on the vaporizer have a gap at the side of your mouth. Then when you pull your be pulling in air and vapor simultaneously. This will help to cool things down and make it easier on your lungs.


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