Schizoaffective disorder: What is the best form of CBD? and dosage?


Schizoaffective disorder= higher level of psychosis (delusion, paranoia, hallucinations) to mood disorder (usually bipolar type, what was called manic-depressive). Working in a psychiatric setting for the past 4 years, I have seen many schizoaffective patients, some coming suicide, some homicide and in prison for +20 years. This is a VERY serious disorder, I highly recommend seeking treatment with a professional (start with meds, follow with med and psychotherapy). Having said that… if patient still wants to self medicate then I highly recommend some indica (not sativa), with a much higher CBD to THc ratio. All the Best, Dr. H.


From what I know about Schizoaffective disorder, it is serious mental ailment which I insist needs to be diagnosed by a doctor.

The common occurances in this condition is delusions and mood swings.

And the most effective application I have encountered of CBD is against depression and psychotic symptoms, its not said by me but a research done in 2015.

I’ve seen a whole section of CBD infused products in All natural way online store specially dedicated for the symptoms like depression and anxiety.

I recommend you try CBD oil and that too two drops and size serving of rice grain per day.

I hope this helps.


While CBD has been reported to be of benefit for many patients with a number of mental health conditions there is no medical answer to this question. CBD is remarkably non-toxic and there are essentially no reports of CBD toxicity in the medical literature. At the same time, any suggestions of dosages are just that, suggestions, as there is no body of clinical studies to refer to in making a recommendation. I’m assuming the patient is currently also on antipsychotic medication, and it would be important to discuss this with the treating physician before adding or removing anything from the treatment plan.


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