Searching for CBD in oil form (for tank of Vape pen)

"I am having a hard time finding a source for CBD in oil form (that I would put in a tank of Vape pen). I am looking for no THC. Any ideas where I can find this? I do not want the sublingual drops."

If you are looking to vaporize using a vape pen then I would recommend purchasing the cartridges. The cartridges are produced so that the viscosity of the oil makes it easy to vaporize. If you would like to vaporize CBD oil without changing the viscosity then I would suggest using a CBD concentrate and a "Dab Rig/Nail". You can find a good selection of CBD cartridges here for your vape pen: https://www.cbd.org/products/cbd-cannabis-vape


You Can use CBD Oil and CBD Terpenes for vaping!

Here I’m suggesting you CBD oil & Terpenes both.

Because CBD Oil (https://www.greenroadsworld.com/collections/cbd-cannabis-oils) is the general liquid form of CBD !

And CBD Terpenes (https://www.greenroadsworld.com/collections/cbd-terps) is flavored burn!


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