Seeking advise on which cannibis product helps with sleep and leg cramps

"The leg cramps usually occur around 1 -2 am"

Products that help with sleep really depend on your own chemistry and what works best for you. I am able to go to sleep with a high CBD ratio but for some people this may keep you up. Other people prefer high THC products, which more typically can put you to sleep especially if they are derived from an indica strain. I would try microdosing a product over a period of nights, upping your dose until you feel like it puts you into the right slumber. For me, if I take too much THC I am wide awake, or almost on the verge of sleep but never get there!

Leg cramps can be caused by a bunch of different things including Over exercising or injury,pregnancy, extreme temperatures, medically related conditions, dehydration. and from specific medications. Good thing is that cannabis is a known anti spasmodic and can help with that aspect. Below is an article we published on the topic:

Easing Muscle Spasms with Medical Marijuana


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