Should I stop taking CBD 1:1 oil before prolotherapy injection?

"I’m having a prolotherapy injection in a couple of weeks in my hip. It says to stop taking all anti inflammatories like advil, aspirin, ibuprofen for 5 days before and after the injection. The injection works by creating an inflammatory response to start the healing.

Would that mean stopping CBD 1:1 oil. I doubt the doctor I’m going to see would know the answer.


CBD is a anti-inflammatory that works by increasing our bodies own natural cannabinoid levels. This is achieved in a synergystic fashion with the other compounds in cannabis. Synthetic mono-drug anti-inflammatory therapy takes aim at single enzymes in our bodies, which often produces other unwanted "collateral damage" and severe side effects.
While I am not extremely familiar with prolotherapy, the concept seems to be to increase local inflammation to induce our body to produce systemic anti-inflammatory molecules. Common sense would indicate that prolotherapy work be effective in most cases unless you are taking massive doses of anti-inflammatory drugs.
All this being said, I would continue with the 1:1 CBD:THC and go forward with the therapy. If you see good results, then continue both. If results are poor, maybe try stopping the CBD:THC for a few days before your next prolotherapy and assess for results.


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