Small amounts of CBD spray/edibles haven't helped my severe anxiety, how much can I take? Do I need some THC?

Because there are no significant side effects I recommend increasing CBD to an effective dose immediately. Find out early if CBD will work for your condition. I start with 15 mg of a high quality product of hemp CBD and adjust from there. I like to talk with the patient as they take their first dose to make adjustments immediately.


To relieve anxiety, you must increase your CBD’s until you feel relief. You increase your dosage slowly every few days but it just sounds like you are not taking enough medication at this point. THC can oftentimes increase in anxiety so you do not want high levels of THC but when you want to go to sleep you may want to bring your THC up close to the same dosage of CBD’s, or a 1:1 dose.
You can vaporize small puffs of a high CBD/low THC vape solution and that should start to take affect within10 to 15 minutes with the full effect to be expected in about 1 hour.
If you are doing edibles it requires that your digestion has to be perfect otherwise we don’t even know that you’re absorbing the medication but what you do absorb tends to be very effective but unpredictable and this is why very few drugs are given as edibles.
The oral sprays tend to be effective but I have no idea what dosage you are using. You may want to try 18:1, CBD dominant tincture.


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