smoking marijuana from a water pipe

"I recently tried an average sized glass bong to smoke my weed in. I have found that it causes more wheezing than a regular pipe does."

Have you tried using a vaporizer to vape your flowers? Although vapes can be more pricey than water bongs, they provide a much cleaner, tastier, and smoke-free hit. This would be your best bet to eliminate the wheezing and be a "healthier" alternative to smoking from a pipe or bong. Because the bong is allowing for a much larger hit / smoke intake than the pipe, that is probably why you experience more wheezing.


This is because your average sized glass bong is forcing you to take bigger hits, which in turn forces your lungs to expand more. We would recommend a Vaporizer or the Volcano. These will give you the same feeling while also preserving your lings (you only get one pair I have been told 🙂 preventing you from coughing so much. You can find these products on our website here: https://greendoorwest.com/collections/vaporizers-gear


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