Smoking marijuana helps with my anxiety but I can only smoke indica. What should I do?

"I have a lot of social anxiety and smoking helps me a lot and puts me at ease. My problem is that sativa strains seem to elevate my anxiety. If I smoke indica strains it helps ease anxiety but also makes me sleepy. I’ve tried hybrids with little success. I’d like to find a strain that eases anxiety but also keeps me awake. I’m not sure what to try! Please help."

Try looking into hybrid that are like 70% indica and the rest sativa. I assume ur problem is not being able to function in the day time with sativas. U can also try Am Pm pills if they are available near you. Also need to take time to really figure out your doseage try 1-2 hits for an hour or so and u might find its just enogh to take away your anxiety


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