Stadol (butorphanol tartrate) pain Rx

"Stadol a prescription Rx was a great migraine/pain killer. It was also described of having the effects of pot. In my pursue of pain relieve I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the makeup pf Stadol and how it would translate into CBD and THC. I have yet to find "any" relief for my chronic pain or migraines and getting very frustrated and spending lots of money. I have tried smoking the top 3 strains recommend with a vaporizer with ceramic, I’ve tried Vaping (3 different vendors), I’ve tried tinctures, edibles all without success. I am hoping a doctor or pharmacists might be familiar with Stadol able to point me in a direction. "

If your chronic pain is actually migraines, you are extremely chemically sensitive and there is a whole article in this section on migraines that you should read. Migraines are inherited on an X-chromosome as an MAO-A snp. This means you must get rid of all neurological toxins from your diet. You might want to review this following information:
Please, consider eliminating all free glutamate’s from your diet since they are neurologically toxic especially to people who have migraines or anxiety issues.
Consider visiting www.truthinlabeling.org for more information.
Please view: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL4SD5f2toQ
I recommend that you get on the high-dose CBD, low THC in the tincture and take it regularly while eliminating neurologic toxins from your diet and environment. You are extremely allergic to cigarette smoke so be aware if you are smoking cigarettes you are causing your problems. If you’re eating out a lot you are increasing your neurologic toxins. Do you want to be well or do you want to cover up the un-wellness with drugs? I certainly am not accustomed to comparing cannabis with prescription drugs. You don’t have a drug deficiency in your body but you very likely do have cannabinoid deficiency and should respond extremely well to CBD.
The decision is yours because it is your life and your quality-of-life we’re talking about. You could have your genetic chart done two know exactly how to get well but for many people that’s just too much effort. If you want to get well, let’s continue the dialogue.
You can know your genetics and set a program of wellness with Nutrigenomics.
You may also want to acquire Dr. Amy Yasko’s book from Amazon, "Feel Good, Nutrigenomics" to show you why you want to pursue this route. Good luck, we may have lots of lifetimes but this is the one we know right now and it is worth living well.


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