Sublingual versus a regular edible?

"I have been told that sub-linguals are safer and more effective because of how they enter the bloodstream. Is this the case? or are there certain situations where a sublingual is a better option?"

The main differences between sublingual and ingestible (edible) administration are the time it takes for the medicine to reach the blood stream and the duration of action. In general, a sub-lingual (applied under the tongue for approximately 10 seconds) will reach the blood stream much more rapidly than an edible. Sublingual effects may be noticeable within a few minutes and act for approximately 1-2 hours, whereas edibles may take as long as 1-2 hours to reach levels high enough in the blood stream to become effective. On the other hand, edibles may be effective for much longer periods of time, for instance, 6-8 hours. For these reasons, it may be easier to control the dose of a sublingual than an edible. Although both formulations are considered safe, it is recommended to take the smallest possible dose and wait to determine how you respond to the medicine before taking more.


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