Synergistic effect

"Dear Kiva, I was introduced to Kiva just before my open heart surgery in April by my delivery driver in Santa Maria. I have two questions: 1) have you thought of making dried mango bites with chocolate to increase the synergistic effect? 2) do you have a recycling program for your blueberry and espresso bean cans? (I still have a drawer full after using them to organize my jewelry, my office, garage and sewing room. ) "

Thank you for the great questions. Kiva is always working on new exciting products and love getting input from patients! Mango is a great idea! Regarding the recycling of the tins, many of our patients recycle them as you do… I personally use them for coins for parking meters. The tins are manufactured in aluminum and are recyclable with your regular aluminum cans. Thanks for helping us save the earth!


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