Terra edible Blueberry made me throw up 2 hrs and extreme vertigo

"I’m new to cannabis. I had 1 Terra Espresso edible the first night and it was perfect. 2nd night tried 1 blueberry and in 1 1/2 hours It made me extremely sick. I vomited over 2 hours (like 12-15 times) and had extreme vertigo. Was sick til noon the next day. Are the sprays and joints better than edibles? Scared to try again….. but really want to sleep at night and calm my restless legs"

Edibles can be pretty tricky until you are familiar with the effects. You did the right thing by starting with a small dose.

Interesting that you tolerated the espresso bean ok, but had trouble with the blueberry. Do you have any food allergies that could account for the difference in effects, assuming cannabinoid levels were basically the same?

In any case, edibles can be tricky regardless of food allergy because your body processes the cannabis differently resulting in very different effects including dramatically delayed onset.

For this reason I would recommend trying a different method of consumption. Tinctures for example can be dropped under your tongue and held there for a minute or so to let it be absorbed through blood vessels in your mouth which is a must faster, more direct method than digesting an edible. You may feel effects within 10-20 minutes with sublingual administration.

Similarly you could try a vape solution. With vaping you can take very small puffs and the effects should be noticeable within about 10 minutes, so it’s easy to go in very small increments and not have to wait over an hour to gauge effects like with edibles.

Understandable that the unpleasant experience would make you apprehensive about trying again, but taking the wrong dose of nearly any medicine can cause adverse effects. The important part is learning the right dose and method for your personal situation.

Best wishes, hope you find something that works for you!


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