The amount of cannabis oil I ingested was not satisfactory in putting me to sleep. What should I do?

Did you notice the effects at that dosage? Every individual has a different tolerance to cannabis. It is always advised to start low and work your way up to a dosage where you begin to notice the effects. Then you can dial in the right amount for your personal situation. My guess is that you may want to increase your tincture dose in small increments and see if you notice a difference. I want to reiterate, that you should do this in small amounts to avoid taking too much and having an unpleasant experience.


CBD tends to ameliorate the effect of THC, so taking such a high CBD/THC ratio is probably the reason it isn’t working. Try a high TCH/low CBD ratio product. Or, find a product that has CBN in it, which is a degraded form of THC and what really puts you to sleep.


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