The Right Cartridge For Fibromyalgia

"I just looked at the strains that are good for Fibromyalgia, I have been using a vape and the names for the cartridges are different. maybe I’m just confused, new at this, the dispensary that I went to was not very helpful and did not seem to know much about the cartridges. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.."

The names of the oils are not as significant as the contents. Please look for a high CBD oil, AC/DC, Harlequin in Cannatonic are three of the more popular high CBD oils to vaporize to get you out of pain almost immediately. At the same time you may start oral CBD’s since they do take about a month to become fully effective but they are working to get rid of the inflammatory cells.
The real healing in cases like fibromyalgia is to recognize that this problem is most likely due to vitamin D deficiency so to fully resolve the problem the vitamin D deficiency must be addressed. Ideally the blood level for vitamin D to overcome chronic pain would be above 55ng/ml, but do not take your vitamin D on the daily you’re having your blood tested or could appear erroneously high.


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