This i what 've been using and my obstructive sleep apnea persists. Please make a recommendation

"THCA .54 mg; D9THC .43 mg; CBDA .055 ; CBD .072 mg; CBNA .012 ; CBN .018 ; CBG .044 mg; Total CBD 1.171 mg"

I will consult our medical expert and return with an answer. May I ask about your dosing regimen? How much are you taking and how often? Are you taking other medications as well? Are you under a doctor’s care?

Meanwhile, I would also consider using some of our topicals, such as rubbing the balm on your chest and over the bridge of your nose as a bronchodilator. A soak in Cannabis infused epsom salts before bed might help as well. But none of this should replace your medical regimen or counter your doctor’s advice.

I will be back as soon as possible. Thank you for your question.


I’m sorry this may be an obvious question but are you currently using a CPAP or postive airway pressure device to keep your airways open? If you haven’t been able to tolerate it in the past may I recommend that you slightly increase your CBN and THC dose as tolerated to allow you to cont using your CPAP machine. Of course, cont. to exercise daily anad also check out some sleep hygiene/ prep tips from & Please let us know if this helps out or if there are other pertinent details that might help us help you.


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