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"After 40+ years of no Cannabis, I just got (through you) a med MJ card. I didn’t want to use my lungs for input, so I ordered some Treat Well 1:1 Cannabis tincture and some CBD 1:1 Cannabis spray. I had no detectable effects from the CBD, and a barely detectable buzz from the Treat Well. I don’t question the product quality, but what might be preventing me from experiencing a high? (I want the CBD to treat some hydrocephalus effects.)"

Thanks for writing this question. It is a very common question and one that deserves an answer. There are 60+ cannabinoids in cannabis, some say more than 80. Each cannabinoid has different properties that result in a different bodily effect. The two most well known cannabinoids are CBD and THC. CBD is an analgesic and anti inflammatory, it is also non psychoactive. THC, which also has amazing medicinal properties, is the psychoactive cannabinoid and results in a feeling of being high. What most people do not know is that CBD is actually a counter agent to THC, meaning that, when you use the two together, CBD will actually reduce the psycho activity of THC.

In an article I wrote awhile back on our H&W I said:
"CBD has been found useful in pain management, as a drug that could possibly combat cancer and for its general anti-inflammatory properties. CBD achieves this through its impact on certain receptors in the brain. THC, the best-known property of cannabis, can enable pain relief, help with nausea and diminish anxiety due to its psychotropic properties."

When you use a 1:1 tincture it is very possible that you may never feel a detectable high. This is highly variable though as my reaction to THC and your reaction can be very, very different. For instance, if I use a 1:1 it is extremely psychotropic for me, but I am also on the further end of the bell curve with this. I am a big proponent of using both THC and CBD as using multiple cannabinoids creates an entourage effect, meaning the various cannabinoids work together better as whole than singled out.

You can most definitely up your THC intake if you want to feel more. There are tinctures that are purely THC and also purely CBD. For me, CBD in higher quantities creates an overall body relaxation. In lower quantities it would not be felt. I would suggest calling some local dispensaries to see if they have a good selection of sprays and tinctures and then going to see them.

Lastly, you could also try low dose THC edibles along with your spray/tincture. There is a great brand called FLORA that I am in love with right now that creates low dose mint chocolate probiotic edibles at 10mg. Also another low dose edibles company in California is called Outset and they create low dose dried fruit, everyone I know who has tried it really thinks it’s great.

As always, start low and slow so you understand your tolerance without overdoing it.

Hope this helps you!


When CBD reaches a certain concentration ratio with THC (in the plant or in the prepared product) the sense of feeling “high” may, and will likely dissipate, as CBD modulates the effects of THC.

Many patients choose the higher CBD concentration products to avoid the cognitive impacts of cannabis caused by THC and its derivatives.
CBD does not generally cause cognitive changes that are discernible when compared to THC.

Dosing for CBD is somewhat individual and depends on body habits, previous use and reason for treatment. Make sure your products are properly labeled and have been tested for accuracy of content by a testing lab, preferably at the time of packaging.

You may want to discuss cannabis treatment for you specific needs with a physician to better manage you symptoms and use of products for optimal results.

You may be expecting to “feel” the effects of THC, but they are mitigated by the presence of a relatively large concentration of CBD.


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