Tinctures – Newbie here…

"I bought Bhutan Mendo Focus 1:1 for my first tincture. It is alcohol based and burns my mouth, so I put it in some cranberry juice (1dropper full). With this kind of consumption, isn’t that just the same as an edible?

With my lack of knowledge, I thought tinctures were like putting a couple drops under your tongue not an entire dropper full… is this different by brand?

Hi there!

Tinctures can be a great way to medicate and come in different formulations…if you don’t like the feeling of an alcohol base, look for tinctures that are made with sesame oil or glycerine, etc.

Because tinctures are mostly absorbed sublingually (you should hold/swish in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing) you typically feel the effects sooner than an edible which is processed through the liver and can take up to 60-90 minutes to feel the full effect.

Lastly, most tinctures are dosed using the entire dropper so it depends on the effect you are looking for….you can effectively microdose using just a few drops.
Hope that helps!
Yours in Health ~


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