Trying to end pain in body? I'm struggling to eat, sleep, relax. I always feel depressed or paranoid.

First and foremost, I encourage you to seek a comprehensive medical evaluation to rule out easily treatable causes of your symptoms including Major Depression with vegetative symptoms, hypothyroidism, PTSD and in middle aged men, low testosterone. If you have psychotic features to your depression including paranoia, auditory hallucinations of thoughts of self harm you may face dangerous risks, potentially aggravated by any added medication. Please be careful using medical cannabis in very high THC concentrations. While THC common in sativa flower concentrations between 15 and 18% can promote a positive mood and creative thinking along with relief of pain and increased appetite, THC concentrations greater than 20% can trigger worsening paranoia and psychotic thinking.
For physical pain and the well defined cycle of chronic pain and mood disorder, you may want to explore medical cannabis options of longer duration and with a lessened side effect profile. Cannabis infused transdermal body balms, lotions and massage oils are a cost effective, safe and pleasurable way to achieve remarkable relief of pain arising from structures located beneath the skin. The hands, anterior knees, neck, shoulders, low back, ankles and the plantar surface of the feet are areas of the body where the skin penetration of a cannabis infused transdermal can offer effective relief…without a burden of cost or side effects!
You may also achieve remarkable relief of symptoms using a nutrition grade cannabis infused edible in a dose as low as 5 to 10mg of THC. This reliable long duration dosing can offer over 8 hours relief of pain, anxiety and muscle tension in a very cost effective and delicious vehicle of use.
Medical cannabis infused THC tinctures and pills in less than 10mg THC dosing are reliable alternatives to the well documented adverse drug reactions and addiction potential seen with prescription benzodiazepine class sedative hypnotics, SSRI and SNRI class antidepressants.
Again, I encourage you to seek medical follow up of your symptoms. If you are feeling depressed and have symptoms of suicidal ideation or auditory hallucinations I encourage you to seek urgent care evaluation as soon as possible.


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