Use for anxiety induced tremors

"I have conversio disorder caused by stress and anxiety that results in tremors. What strain would be best?"

I’m terribly sorry to hear about your conversion disorder. The type of cannabis & cannabinoids is dependent on multiple factors and questions. For example, what is your previous experience with different cannabis products? Have any of them increased anxiety/ paranoia? If the conversion disorder is making sleep difficult, I might recommend you try cannabis products (flowers, vape-pens, tinctures, edibles) with a higher dosage of THC & CBN. However, if these products had side effects in the past, I would either keep the dosage low or opt for products that have a more balanced cannabinoid profile (i.e. CBD & THC). In addition, if you haven’t already started working with a psychotherapist using cognitive behavioral therapy or a related treatment, I would definitely recommend you start. Please feel free to continue this dialogue; I hope these tips help!


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