Use of CBD with pets

"Looking to get more information on using "product" for our young dog’s cancer. Don’t know if it’s metastasized, but the mass was aggressive, her second in a year, and rated "high", Grade III on the biopsy that just came back. More of an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, general health product is what we want than something for nausea/anorexia/etc because she’s otherwise healthy and aside from her massive sutures and "haircut", you’d never know she has cancer. There’s CBD oil (Vet CBD, brand), RSO and hemp oil…but don’t know the differences except the hemp’s obtainable online which leads me to believe it’s not strong enough. If anybody has information on the differences or, even better, experience (!), I’d appreciate it. "

Hi – hopefully I can help clear up some differences in the products you mentioned.

There are two main varieties of CBD oil: those derived from industrial hemp, and oils derived from regular medical cannabis. (RSO is essentially a brand name for the latter.)

The CBD hemp oil that you see available online is derived from industrial hemp and does not contain any of the other active compounds usually associated with medical cannabis. Your hunch that hemp oil my be less effective is probably correct – vast majority of evidence suggests ‘whole plant’ extracts are more effective due to the ‘entourage effect’ of many different medicinal compounds from the plant working together.

CBD oil made from regular medical cannabis, on the other hand, typically does retain a broader spectrum of the beneficial molecules so you are getting the maximum benefit of the whole plant. If you are able to acquire this type of oil, that is what I would recommend. At Sessions we offer two CBD-rich tinctures that you can check out here – https://sessionscc.com/shop/cbd-one-tinctures/

Unfortunately I can’t speak specifically to the effectiveness/safety of using these products for pets, so be sure to discuss with your veterinarian first.

Best wishes to you and your four-legged companion!


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