Using tea for the first time

"I ordered some tea in 20 mg dose ( lowest it comes ). Should I start with a quarter cup, steep less time? I am wondering how to make sure I start low and go slow with this? I don’t want to be overwhelmed. Thank you.

Take a look at the THC listing on the product. As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to start with a dose of about 5mg. This would be the equivalent of say – a glass of wine – to most people.

Once you have determined how it affects you, you can up the dose slowly. People do have different tolerances, so take it slowly and give it time to feel the full effect.

If you cant determine the dosage per tea bag, you might want to start with a different product where you can be more accurate. There are lots of edibles (for example) that clearly state the dosage.

So yes, in the case of your 20 mg tea. Make a cup with a bag, and drink 1/4 of it at first. Give it an hour to see how you feel.


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