Vaporizers irritate my airways. Why?

It depends on what type of vaporizer you’re using…
If you’re using the vapor cartridges with the oils, there are a number of brands that add things like coconut oil or propylene glycol – both of which are terrible for your lungs. We carry only vapor oils that are made from organic source material with NO additives. We like Bhang Private Reserve, ABX and Aya, all of which test clean and have a nice, full spectrum effect.

If you’re using a dry herb vaporizer like the Pax or Firefly, it depends on the temperature you’re burning the material, and the flowers you’re using. Try setting your vaporizer at the lowest temperature so you’re getting less smoke and more clean vapor and terpenes. You also want to ensure you’re flowers are grown with organic methods so you’re getting the cleanest option available – without chemical fertilizer or pesticide residue. We carry ONLY organically sun grown flowers, so you never have to worry if you get them from us or another trusted source.


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