Wellbutrin and Weed?

"Hello! I was curious – I’m planning on going on 150 mg of Wellbutrin medication here soon because of anxiety and depression. Does marijuana and Wellbutrin mix poorly and cause a bad reaction or will I be okay?

I am not an avid smoker but I wanted to know if recreational is okay?"

There is very little reported in the medical literature about adverse effects of cannabis when taking bupropion and similar medications. The widespread use of these precriptions and the frequency of concomitant cannabis use indicates that as a practical matter there is no reason to avoid combining the two. I would be inclined to minimize cannabis use when starting a new prescription for Wellbutrin until it becomes clear what that medication’s effects are by itself – perhaps one to two weeks. At that point cautiously increasing cannabis use will allow subjective evaluation of its benefit when taken with Wellbutrin.


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