what about medical marijuana and job interviews

I am going to surmise that you are asking whether you are at risk if you use medical marijuana and are going on a job interview. The answer to this is both yes and no and it also depends on the state you live in.

If you are in California, your medical marijuana recommendation is not registered with the state. This means there is no record with the authorities that you have a card. Your records are private and between you and your doctor-as is the case with any medical record. However, if you live in a state such as Nevada, it is an obligation to register with the state. Depending on the type of job you apply for, this record might be shared, for instance a government position.

Now, where medical marijuana gets tricky is with the type of job you are seeking and whether they require drug testing to even apply. This is often the case for job where you operate heavy machinery. Ironically, they will test for drugs like cannabis but not always for opioids. Also, if you are working within hospitals, etc, you may be required to do randomized drug testing.

I hope this helps!


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