What advantages does an oil based cannabis have over an herbal form?

Some of the benefits of using a cannabis oil vape cartridge is the ease of use, portability, discretion, and quality/potency of the medicine. The glass and stainless steel cartridge we use to deliver our oil is a healthful alternative to some of the plastic components on the market. Our oil is created from pesticide-free, organic flower, CO2 extracted, and then put through a rigorous post-production and distillation process for incredibly pure oil. There are no additives, flavors, or fillers added, so the end result is a highly potent, full-flavor vaping experience derived from the original flower.

As a comparison, a 300mg cartridge of W Vapes would be equivalent to 1/8th of quality flower, which could run approx. $50-$60. The usual donation price from our 300mg cartridge is around $30, making it a pretty good value, and healthy alternative, to smoking cannabis in flower form.


Cannabis oil is more concentrated, and a little goes a long way compared to the amount of flower you would need to burn to get the proper dosing you need. Vaping cannabis oil is much healthier as well, because you are not burning carbon. There is the convenience factor with vape pens too. No bowl, bong or papers needed. You can put it in your pocket and medicate just about anywhere discreetly. We test our oil for purity and potency, from flower to finish, in house and through 3rd party testing facilities.


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