What are some good cannabis products for daytime anxiety relief?

“I use an Indica vape pen for my anxiety, but it’s been making me tired throughout the day. I still want to use cannabis for my anxiety but at the same time I need to stay productive throughout the day, is there a way to achieve this?”

Sarah V.


Many people use medical or recreational cannabis to ease anxiety and stress; for some, marijuana works better than medications like anti-depressants. The two main components of cannabis are THC and cannabidiol also known as CBD. THC is the component of cannabis that is most familiar to people and is responsible for marijuana’s euphoric effect. The other component, cannabidiol (CBD), is thought to relax the mind and body. CBD is the component medical marijuana practitioners suggest should be present in higher concentrations in cannabis products when used to treat anxiety.

Different strains of cannabis will have varying effects on each user, but there are some key characteristics to look out for when choosing daytime cannabis. Understanding the differences between Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa can help you navigate the many different strains of cannabis and the varying effects each produces. Indica is traditionally recommended for nighttime use, as its sedative and sleepy effects can leave you feeling tired and ready for bed.

Sativa strains are far from a sedative; therefore, they are usually recommended for daytime use as Sativa is energizing and tends to have noticeable effects on mental activity. Similar to Indica, Sativa provides relief from pain and anxiety. Hybrid strains usually apply to marijuana strains that have characteristics of both Indica and Sativa. Many Hybrids have a grounding effect, neither sedative nor energetic, but instead helps maintain balanced energy. For these reasons, Hybrids are an excellent choice for either daytime or nighttime use.

Jason R.


It can often be hard to find a strain that can help soothe anxiety and also won’t make you fall asleep. But I’ve found quite a few strains that have helped my daytime anxiety while I continue to work and be productive throughout the day.

Cannatonic is a great strain with higher levels of CBD relative to THC, which means it won’t create psychoactive effects – perfect for daytime use. This strain is best known for creating happy and uplifting feelings, making this hybrid strain best to treat anxiety and depression. Verilife sells a great Cannatonic x ACDC full spectrum vape cartridge that works great; vaping this product will produce immediate effects.

Another great strain I found works amazing for anxiety relief during the day is Durban Poison. Durban Poison has a THC content that can get up to 24%. This is an excellent strain for those who want zen during their day but also want to stay productive. Consumers of Durban Poison typically report that the strain doesn’t make them sleepy or drowsy, perfect for everyday use. This strain is Sativa and, from my experience and many others, is excellent for anxiety and chronic pain. Verilife also sells this strain in a vaporizer.

Robert P.

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