What are sublingual sprays or tinctures used for?

"Are they all CBD rich like the ones from Care By Design?"

Sublingual sprays are easy to dose and they have quick onset as they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Many people use them to microdose throughout the day as they are convenient and discreet. Others may use them once a day, or as needed to address a particular issue. You can check out Care By Design’s business profile on our site here: https://www.hellomd.com/biz/care-by-design All of their products are CBD-rich and come in a variety of formulations, from 20:1 CBD:THC which has no psychoactivity, through to more balanced ratios that will have more THC. Generally, higher CBDs are used to manage inflammation and avoid phsychoativity, while using a tincture with more THC is typically recommended for greater pain relief; however, it does come with greater psychoactive effects.


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