What Are the Best Marijuana Products To Use For Sex?

“I recently got married and want to spice up my sex life with my partner. We’re both frequent cannabis users so we thought it could be fun to try out some products, any recommendations?”

Kate H.


Cannabis, in general, can relax people and make them further enjoy each other’s company which can enhance sexual pleasure, so it’s no wonder why cannabis users are starting to explore their options of usage in the bedroom. Any cannabis products used for sex and cannabis usage, in general, are not always about “you.” When your partner feels good, having pleasurable sensations, getting satisfaction from what you are doing with them, it leads to enhancing your own sexual pleasure. And sometimes that’s enough!

There are two essential things to consider when before mixing marijuana and sex: tolerance and preference. Choosing the wrong product or consuming too much of a product you love before getting intimate could turn a romantic night into an un-sexy nightmare. There will likely be a period of trial and error to figure out precisely what strains and products increase your sex drive and sexual sensitivity without making you anxious or tired.

If you’re looking for products for sexual enhancement, there are various great options. Foria has two products that have received some great reviews. Foria Pleasure is a topical spray applied around and slightly inside the vagina. Foria Pleasure has been reported to have no “high” related to the application of the spray. However, if oral sex occurs after application, the partner performing that act can experience a “high.” Women have reported feeling more relaxed, and some have even said they felt a “warm sensation” in their vaginas.

Foria also has Foria Explore, a suppository for rectal administration. It has been reported to make anal sex more comfortable and pleasurable, leading to a more enjoyable night.

There are many fantastic strains that can increase your sex drive. For example, Green Crack, while it may have one of the most unfortunate marijuana strain names, it’s a fan favorite for multiple reasons. Green Crack is a Sativa-dominant strain that offers a sweet aroma and a smooth hit. Its cerebral, energetic, and euphoric high makes it a great choice to set the mood before having sex. It’s a good option for moderate-to-heavy cannabis users looking to spice up their sex life. As this strain tends to be high-energy, give it a try for an upbeat bedroom performance or any daytime rendezvous.

Another excellent strain for bedroom use is Northern Lights. There’s nothing worse than the anxiety that can come before having sex with a new partner or trying something outside your comfort zone in the bedroom. If you’re looking for something to ease these anxiety-evoking activities, Northern Lights is your strain. It is a pure Indica strain known for its ability to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and pain. A couple of hits of Northern Lights, and your stress and anxiety will melt away and be replaced with a euphoric high and a totally relaxed body. Be wary; too much of this strain can cause sleepiness, so it’s best to start with a small amount and work your way up to reduce the likeliness of falling asleep before the deed is done.

Brandon S.

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