What are the best medical marijuana edibles to purchase in New York?

“I’m interested in trying medical marijuana for a couple of conditions but don’t like smoking or vaping for health reasons. What are some good edibles to try, and where can I get them?”

Albert N.

I’m a big fan of the Verilife dispensaries and use the Albany, NY, location. I need help with a mood disorder and like that there are different choices for levels of THC and CBD in their line of Matter Sour Chewable Gels.

Matter 1:1 Mango Chew in New York

Since I’m not a big fan of getting high, I like the 1:4 orange gels, so four parts CBD to one part THC — or 20mg of CBD and 5mg of THC in each gel. You can also get 1:1 chewable gels and 20:1 lemon chewable gels. Matter also offers a mango flavor chew which is a 1:1 CBD to THC which is really tasty!

While I sometimes go to the dispensary itself, I prefer their home delivery option. You can often get them done the same day.

You probably know this but to legally buy medical cannabis in New York, you need to obtain a medical card first. You talk to a medical practitioner and they authorize you if your condition is on a list of qualifying conditions. If approved, you will receive your medical card in the mail, allowing you to go to a licensed medical marijuana dispensary to buy products.

Lawrence T.

Cannabis edibles are a great option for consuming cannabis

There are a number of reasons to prefer edibles over smoking or vaping. You might feel there is a stigma with smoking weed and so edibles allow you to consume medical marijuana in plain view. Also, while the effects of smoking marijuana are over quickly, often within two to three hours, edibles last much longer, say, six to eight hours.

This is important if you have to keep yourself constantly dosed for something like chronic pain. You would need to smoke a lot through the day if you don’t want any gaps in relief. The flip side is that it usually takes longer for the effects to kick in than with smoking. So don’t make the newbie’s mistake of taking another edible thinking that the first isn’t working.

Blackberry Soft Chew from Columbia Care in New York

As far as my edible of choice, I like Blackberry Soft Chew from Columbia Care. It packs a kick with high THC, with 9.5mg per chew versus 0.5mg CBD. You also have cherry or grapefruit flavors.

I agree with the customer review that says: “Also helps with pain so you can sleep…taste is great!”

Columbia Care is a national chain of cannabis dispensaries and has four in New York State: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Riverhead, and Rochester. It also does home delivery.

Malcolm F.

Rasberry CBD gummies by Wyld in New York

I’m partial to the raspberry flavor of the CBD Infused Gummies made by Wyld CBD. They’ve put a lot of work into the flavor, using real fruit. And they also use US-sourced broad-spectrum hemp that is THC-free, so you don’t have to worry about taking one and operating a vehicle.

Curaleaf THC lemon chews in New York

My friend likes something with more of a kick, so they use Curaleaf THC Lemon Chews, with 5mg of THC and 0.25mg of CBD per chew.

I get my edibles through the Syracuse dispensary of MedMen. They also have ones in Manhattan, Long Island, and Buffalo.

But before you start shopping for edibles, make sure you get your medical marijuana card first.

Noriko F.

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