What are the best specific edibles for anxiety and insomnia?

Edibles can be a little difficult to navigate as each person reacts to them differently. People metabolize edibles in different ways, thus some people experience a relaxing and soothing effect, while others experience an energizing and focusing effect. It is difficult to say exactly which type of edible will give you the exact effects you are looking for. However, I can recommend some certain brands which have been said to lean towards certain reactions. For anxiety, edibles with higher CBD content rather than THC have been said to help in this area. At Green Door West we offer vegan edibles, with several high in CBD such as the CBD Zinger cookies by the Venice Cookie Company, Aunt Dolores CBD Brownie Bites, and a couple different brands of chocolate bars high in CBD, such as Hashman and the Venice Cookie Co.). In regards to insomnia, Organix Gummies are known to help this condition. These are comparable to the Edipure Gummies and are sold at our online store (available for delivery). 


Edibles can be tricky as they can take 1-3 hours to begin working. A product that some boast has a quicker result time such as 20 minutes is a product called Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites. The product treats insomnia via a chocolate covered blueberry in small increments of 5 mg each bite. Recommended dosing is 1-3 bites, 1-3 hours before bed.
As always with edibles, I would recommend taking a 1/4 of the recommended dose with each new edible batch and waiting 3 hours before increasing as to avoid toxic effects such as profuse unwanted vomiting.

For anxiety, I would recommend a sublingual tincture or spray of CBD:THC ratio of >14:1. Care by design makes a CBD:THC ratio of 18:1 spray.


what is the very best mixture for a person who has suffered from insomnia for years and wants to get off sleeping pills? Indica and ?
Should I smoke it or eat it?


I like the Petra Mints to help me relax and fall to sleep. I bought a 2.5 mg THC. There are two flavors. I like them both. For me, I do not need much so one mint or two is good for me.


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