What are the best strains for anxiety?

"I have a question regarding the best strain for panic disorders and anxiety. Jack Herer strains tend to not give me anxiety, but I’ve noticed any other sativa will throw me into a panic attack. I need a strain that will help with my anxiety without giving me couch lock as well. Thank you !"

Have you tried CBD? If you take too much CBD at one time it will make you tired but if you take smaller doses more frequently you should function completely normally. You don’t mention what you’re trying to do, are you trying to work or clean the house? If you are trying to work and you have to go to an office it might be wise to consider CBD instead of high THC.


Here are few best strains to get relief from anxiety:

  1. Gorilla Glue

  2. 420 OG

  3. OG Kush

  4. Church OG

  5. Skywalker OG

  6. Ghost Train Haze

  7. MK Ultra

  8. Sensi Star


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