What are the best strains for fibromyalgia?

There is a lot of talk about cannabis being a very effective treatment for fibromyalgia. As most doctors prescribe prescription drugs, it seems like this is a more natural way of finding relief. I myself use high CBD tinctures which seem to help alleviate the symptoms, which for me manifest in my legs.

If you are interested in trying a high CBD strain you can go for Harlequin, ACDC, Charlotte’s Web or the new Bloom Farms vape cartridge I love which is called Elctra-Tsu. Another good one is Harley-Tsu. The strains above either have zero to some % of THC within them but are all high in CBD which is an analgesic and anti inflammatory cannabinoid. It also happens to be non psychoactive which is great for everyday use.

Some strains that have been listed as being effective for fibromyalgia which are higher in THC are:
Blue Dream, Cannatonic, Blueberry and Super Skunk

I am not a doctor and this represents my opinion only. As cannabis is different for everyone, it may require some experimentation with both strains and different products to find what works for you. I hope this helps!


Fibromyalgia is a disorder that results in widespread muscle soreness and fatigue over the entire body. Commonplace remedies include, but aren’t limited to, talk therapy, stress reduction, and the like. Following along the lines of the symptoms and suggested remedies the goal is to relieve the soreness and fatigue that Fibromyalgia causes. With this in mind the best strains we recommend for Fibromyalgia would be Indica dominant strains for experience medical marijuana users or CBD for those without medical marijuana experiences. Indica strains we consistently carry that would be ideal for Fibromyalgia include: Grape Ape, Key Lime Pie, Purple Urkle, and Fruity Pebbles. Recommended CBD strains would be: Harlequin.


I live in south Carolina. Would i be able to get help with my fybromyalgia. I eanted to see if i could get the cannibus patch


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