What are the best strains to smoke for anxiety? Indica, hybrid, or sativa?

Indica i personally use purple urkle for my anxiety


CBDs tend to calm anxiety quickly so you may consider vaporizing an 18:1 CBD dominant vape oil or you could try AC/DC but either will tend to start calming you in about 10-15 minutes if you vaporize a few small puffs and then consider putting more CBDs in your daily plan to keep your anxiety in remission. Too much THC can trigger more anxiety and CBD tends to balance the excess THC to produce calm but if you do your CBD with high THC at the same time you will go to sleep.


CBD is great, but if you want more of a psychoactive effect then go with a low strength indica strain. In my experience, sativa can cause anxiety to increase due to its more uplifting/energetic nature.


Indica is your best bet. Sativa is more for people who lack energy or who have aches throughout the day and want them remedied without the side effects of feeling . A hybrid is a mix of the two which can be a problem for people with anxiety. Indica is the mellow version of the 3 that focuses on reducing stress levels and calm the mind. It’s also a good option for anyone who suffers from insomnia. Hope this helps!


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I find micro doses of sativa (5mg mints) the most reliable for extended anxiety relief. If smoking flowers or oil, stick to a lower THC indica strain unless you want to go right to sleep!

Julie B., L.Ac

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alison leton

I was told that CBD with coconut oil will bring on Panic attacks..As a matter of fact I was told if you have panic attacks you should stay away from coconut in any form, milk, etc.


Personally, I Iike the Sativa strain, Ben Herrer for anxiety relief. I actually use that one as my "go to" day time strain. It seems to work on multiple issues at once.




The best thing to do for anxiety is to address the root cause. What is stressing you out? What is running through your mind? Do you need to settle something, figure something out, or make a big change?

In the meantime, keeping a clear head can help you discover what is causing the anxiety. I like to use Lemon Balm, Valerian Root, and hemp, mixed in a capsule. It calms me down and lifts my mood/spirits. Lemon balm has a lot of great uplifting terpenes. Valerian root is an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. And of course, phytocannabinoids found in whole plant form (green flowers) ingested is the healthiest way to eat the plant. It restores the body back to homeostasis, assisting your nervous system into healing. Good luck!!


i use indica/cbd combo to put me down. equal parts seem to work for me


Indica works best for me if I smoke flowers. Dative makes me paranoid and anxious but vaping Effects me differently and I can handle either indica or sativa. I prefer vaping because its less sedating and I get less munchies.


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