What are the best topical treatments for a heel spur and plantar facitis?

Patients with plantar fasciitis usually complain about slowly occurring pain at the heel, which increases during the day with prolonged standing or walking. One of the symptoms is that patients experience intense pain when taking the first several steps in the morning. I have patients massage CBD cream into the foot before getting out of bed in the morning unless they go right into a shower or bath. Always apply it after bathing and several (4-5) times throughout the day. Look specifically for a CBD cream that is for inflammation. These often contain natural anti-inflammatories such as curcumin or Bosweilia.
I recommend these exercises for foot pain https://www.dynamicchiropractic.com/digital/index.php?i=1234&a_id=58051&pn=28&r=t&Page=29
I also use EPAT or radial pulse therapy. Most people have not heard of this treatment yet. https://drjeffreytucker.com/2017/12/epat-shockwave-los-angeles/
Dr. Jeffrey Tucker
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