What are the differences between the effects of Sativa and Indica?

While many people experience cannabis differently, there are general guidelines to understanding the two types. Sativa is considered to be more of a head high, meaning that you feel more energetic, clear headed and creative. Most people use sativas as day time strains. Indicas are a body high. This is the cannabis behind a lot of the stereotypes such as the appetite stimulation (munchies), relaxation, laziness.. smoking a good strong indica will have your body feeling loose and relaxed, while making you not want to get out of bed or off the couch until youre ready to drift off into a great nights sleep. To summarize, sativas=energy, day time strain. Indicas=relaxation, night time strain. Hybrids are exactly what you would think, combinations of the two. Some people say a balanced hybrid will give them the best of both worlds as far as the high itself.


In short Indica and sativa strains both have medicinal values, but because of their perceived differences, they are often selected for different symptom management.  While sativa strains are typically more stimulating, indicas tend to be more psychoactive. Also Sativas have a high CBD:THC ratio, indicas have a high THC:CBD ratio. indicas are generally looked to for insomnia and pain,  hybrids are often thought of as a balance of effects, offering a little bit of what both have to offer. Sativas are commonly used to treat mental and behavioral issues such as depression and ADHD. Because it is so stimulating, sativa may also help encourage hunger in patients who suffer from anorexia or certain types of cancer.


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