What are the different methods of vaping marijuana?

"How do I know what’s right for me?"

its healthier than smoking but may still irritate the throat though less than smoking. edibles would probably be the healthiest way, just don’t take too many as you may get nausea.

got to say though when you set the cloud evo to lower temps, its the smoothest vape ive tried.


The different methods are:

  1. Conduction based vaporizers – this is when there is surface to surface contact between the flower/oil and your heater. More similar to frying or grilling.

  2. Convection based vaporizers – The Vapexhale EVO falls in this category and instead of a hot surface, we apply hot air to the flower/oil which is gentler, more thorough, and more efficient than conductive methodologies.

We are the first and only vaporizer that uses convection for oils and concentrates.


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